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Backdrops & Rentals

Chiara arch backdrops

Chiara arch backdrop panels start at $125 for first panel (includes personalization). Additional arch panels start at $100. Custom colors to match your event are included.

Other shapes/sizes/types are available. Please ask!

Circle arch.jpg
Golden Hoop

Golden hoop is $50. Allows for many styles of balloon decor. Measures 7 feet tall.

Triangle Arch

Triangle arch is $75. Great with balloons and florals. Stands 10 feet tall.


Ceiling fringe rentals are $75 per panel.  Each panel is 8 feet in length. Multiple colors are available.

6 foot Barbie Box 

6 foot Barbie box. $150

Boxwood Wall

boxwood wall is approximately 7 x 7 feet. $200

Popcorn 3.jpg
Popcorn Bucket

3d popcorn bucket. Comes filled with 3 colors of balloons to replicate popcorn. 

Screenshot 2023-11-12 082311.png
Shimmer Wall

shimmer wall is approximately 7 x 7 feet. Please ask about color options. 


Neon Signs

Neon Signs: "Oh Baby", "Happy Birthday", and "Good Vibes"

$50 each

Balloon Rainbows

Balloon rainbows come standard size, approximately 6.5 wide x 4 feet tall. Can choose up to 6 colors. Standard rainbows come with clouds on each side. -


Larger rainbows available upon request. Starburst foils, tassels, or other balloon add on (ex: spider or caldron additional fees).

Delivery and installation fees are based on location and size of install.

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